World’s new largest private yacht that is bigger than a cruise ship and cost £800m

March 26th, 2015

Boasting seven decks, two pools, multiple hot tubs and a 275 square metre master suite, a new record-breaking superyacht is set to redefine the limits of luxury boat building.

Costing £788million to build and measuring 222 metres in length, when completed Triple Deuce will be the most expensive and largest superyacht ever constructed.

The luxury boat will surpass the remarkable standards set by Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich’s 163m Eclipse, and the current record-holding 182 metres-long yacht owned by the President of the United Arab Emirates.

Expected to require between $20 and $30million a year in operating costs alone, the build costs more than the annual GDP of Western Sahara, the British Virgin Islands and Micronesia, CNN reported.

Although the identity of its owner remains a mystery, it is due to be completed in 2018 and is being purposely made 40m larger than the current record-holder in order to be difficult to beaten in size.

Reports suggest that despite its size, the luxury private yacht will only carry 36 guests with a crew of around 50 – 70 people.

The owner’s suite will cover two stories across 275 metres-squared and offer unparalleled views, along with a private gym, office and dining room, according to Asian Pacific Boating.

Azzam !! Currently the worlds largest superyacht

New Office For Major Yacht Services

October 28th, 2013

Major Yacht Services have moved to a new, larger office to accommodate the influx of business during the summer months and continue to service super yachts visiting Sydney through out the year…

AYSS Announcement of New Chairman

October 28th, 2013

The Association of Yacht Support Services (AYSS) is delighted to announce the new 2013/14 Chairman is Geoff Majer of Major Yacht Services, Sydney, Australia.

Superyacht Australia hosts networking event

July 16th, 2013

More than 140 people attended information sessions and a networking event in Tahiti…
Superyacht Australia, the peak body for the country’s superyacht sector, hosted information sessions and a networking event in Tahiti recently  in response to a demand for greater information regarding the refit and repair capabilities and cruising options in Australia.

Monaco Yacht Show 2013

June 18th, 2013

Held September 25 -28 2013

The Monaco Yacht Show is held every year in Port Hercule, surrounded by the magical mediterranean hills of Monaco’s City. Hundreds of thousands flock to Monaco Yacht Show every year to see theSuperyachts that are for sale and available for charter.

Superyacht Australia Tahiti Networking Event

June 13th, 2013

Major Yacht Services will be attending the Superyacht Australia – Tahiti Networking Event on 28th June 2013…

Tahiti is considered a key hub where superyachts congregate. The Superyacht Australia Committee together with key industry players who influence the decision regarding a Superyacht visiting Australia heavily (agents, refit and repair service providers), have been pushing for a stronger Australian presence in Tahiti to ensure awareness of our capability. Once in Tahiti the owners then decide on their next destination, namely – Australia or New Zealand.  Due to their proximity to Tahiti and their persistence in the market superyachts are tending to head to New Zealand rather than Australia, the knowledge of NZ’s capability and facilities for superyachts appears to be far greater across the global fleet.

This event will not only increase the knowledge of our capabilities amongst the expected 15 superyachts in the marina Taina on 28th June it will also be an event marketed amongst the entire fleet and hence will ensure Australia is front of mind. The aim of this event is to ensure Australia is on the map and considered as a superyachts next destination. Inevitably it is hoped this event will become annual and one guests will look forward to annually.

We will let you know how it all goes!

Superyachts taxed for entering Australian waters

June 12th, 2013

Recently there has been an incorrect/misleading article about Superyachts. It was reporting that The Australian government was to increase the rate of Carbon Tax applied to vessels operating in Australian waters, as of 1 July 2013.

Golden Odyssey

June 12th, 2013

Last month Major Yacht Services acted as agents for the largest Superyacht to ever visit Brisbane. Motor Yacht Golden Odyssey.

ASMEX 2013

June 12th, 2013

The 3rd Australian Superyacht & Marine Export Conference is to be held 21-22 May 2013 at Sanctuary Cove in Queensland. This is a leading international marine industry conference and an ideal opportunity for networking.

How To Protect & Lubricate Snaps & Zippers

November 27th, 2012

Snaps and zippers are one of the most overlooked mechanical items on a boat.  Boat owners tend to notice them the most when they stop functioning properly by becoming stiff or hard to snap.  To help prevent this, every owner should have Shurhold’s Snap Stick and the EZ Snap Tool on hand.