How To Protect & Lubricate Snaps & Zippers

Snaps and zippers are one of the most overlooked mechanical items on a boat.  Boat owners tend to notice them the most when they stop functioning properly by becoming stiff or hard to snap.  To help prevent this, every owner should have Shurhold’s Snap Stick and the EZ Snap Tool on hand.

    The EZ Snap Tool has a long, forked end that slides on the underside of a snap and allows users to pull and seal a snap from the inside. Owners can now put up an entire enclosure in the rain without having to go on the outside. Additionally, on the butt end it has a top snap grabber to hold the snap and pull from the outside to help push on that last tough snap on a tight piece of canvas or enclosure.

    Snaps and zippers function better when clean and lubricated so make sure to wash and rinse them with the rest of the boat when they are doing a regular wash down. You should apply a lubricant and protection product to them, such as Snap Stick, an easy to use twist stick product that only goes where users put it.

    Snaps and zippers are mechanical devices and should be treated as such. They should be cleaned and lubricated on a regular basis for years of trouble-free operation. Contact Major Yacht Service for all your Shurhold product requirements.
    More information can be found in the Shurhold Protect Snaps & Zippers video

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