Superyachts taxed for entering Australian waters

Recently there has been an incorrect/misleading article about Superyachts. It was reporting that The Australian government was to increase the rate of Carbon Tax applied to vessels operating in Australian waters, as of 1 July 2013.

    Basically the article was saying that “bunker (fuel) duty and carbon tax is charged for all vessels who conduct a coastal voyage within Australian waters, and if a vessel purchases fuel and or oil within Australian waters for the purpose of a coastal voyage.”

    Major Yacht Services has confirmed with the Australian Taxation Office that there will not be any effects on visiting Superyachts.

    Read the full article here including comments: Superyachts expected to be taxed for entering Australian waters

    “Superyacht Australia has sought confirmation from the Australian Tax Office which clarifies recent incorrect and misleading media reports of increasing taxes for superyachts wanting to cruise in Australian waters. The ATO has confirmed that superyachts visiting Australia to cruise recreationally are not subject to the carbon tax increase.” will be correcting the article in the next edition.

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