World’s new largest private yacht that is bigger than a cruise ship and cost £800m

Boasting seven decks, two pools, multiple hot tubs and a 275 square metre master suite, a new record-breaking superyacht is set to redefine the limits of luxury boat building.

Costing £788million to build and measuring 222 metres in length, when completed Triple Deuce will be the most expensive and largest superyacht ever constructed.

The luxury boat will surpass the remarkable standards set by Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich’s 163m Eclipse, and the current record-holding 182 metres-long yacht owned by the President of the United Arab Emirates.

Expected to require between $20 and $30million a year in operating costs alone, the build costs more than the annual GDP of Western Sahara, the British Virgin Islands and Micronesia, CNN reported.

Although the identity of its owner remains a mystery, it is due to be completed in 2018 and is being purposely made 40m larger than the current record-holder in order to be difficult to beaten in size.

Reports suggest that despite its size, the luxury private yacht will only carry 36 guests with a crew of around 50 – 70 people.

The owner’s suite will cover two stories across 275 metres-squared and offer unparalleled views, along with a private gym, office and dining room, according to Asian Pacific Boating.

Azzam !! Currently the worlds largest superyacht


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